VOD Platform Harmonization: The Business and Technical Sides It is a delicate yet necessary dance between business and technical aspects of Video on Demand (VOD) platforms. Licensing agreements are negotiated between content sellers and distributors, requiring careful and skilled deals. .

  Etiqueta y Bienvenida El ONBOARDING CALL es el nombre que recibe la primera reunión formal entre el equipo de Project Management de Oxobox y los referentes de la productora o distribuidora de cine que tiene que entregar contenidos a Netflix o

        A unique identifier assigned to each video content. Un identificador único asignado a cada contenido de video. AVAILS ID An “avail ID” is an abbreviation for “availability identifier”. Although it is not a widely used term, in some

  DIENTE 2022, THE ARGENTINE CREATIVITY CIRCLE AWARDS 2022 The Argentine Creativity Circle is proud to announce the 39th edition of the Argentine Creativity Diente Awards 2022. These prestigious awards aim to recognize and distinguish the best advertising and communication ideas of

Netflix named oxobox Preferred Fulfillment Partner of the Year – Americas (standard volume   The Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner (NPFP) program is a worldwide network of elite media fulfillment companies that have met strict standards in technical abilities and project management. Partners